Building a Secure File Sharing Discord Bot using Event-Driven Architecture, Laravel, and Vue.js

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a popular design pattern that allows applications to react to specific events in real-time. This approach enables the decoupling of components, making them more resilient and scalable. In this article, we'll dive into building a Discord bot for sharing large files securely using an event-driven approach, leveraging Python, Laravel, Vue.js, and Inertia.js.

Getting Started with the Discord Bot

To interact with the Discord API, I chose the package, a popular Python library with a comprehensive set of features and well-documented resources. Creating the minimum viable product (MVP) for the bot was relatively straightforward, thanks to the clear documentation.

Building the WebUI

For the WebUI, I had to choose a backend and a frontend framework. I selected Laravel and Vue.js, as they are my go-to tools for building web applications. Laravel, a powerful PHP framework, provides robust features and an elegant syntax, while Vue.js is a versatile JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Both frameworks have strong communities, comprehensive documentation, and rich ecosystems.

Integrating Inertia.js

Another important aspect of building the WebUI was handling data transfer between the browser and the server. This is where Inertia.js came into play. Inertia.js is a modern JavaScript library that simplifies the process of creating server-driven single-page applications. It allows developers to build client-side rendered applications using server-side routing and controllers, making it easy to manage data flow between the server and the client.

Inertia.js integrates seamlessly with Laravel and Vue.js, providing a unified developer experience. It eliminates the need for separate API endpoints and simplifies state management, making it a valuable addition to the tech stack.

File Sharing and Security

Security is a crucial aspect of any file-sharing application. To ensure secure file sharing, the Discord bot implements end-to-end encryption, making sure that files are encrypted before they are sent and only decrypted by the intended recipient. Additionally, the bot generates unique download links that expire after a specified period or a certain number of downloads, further enhancing security.

Connecting Laravel and together with Redis

To facilitate communication and data exchange between the Python-based Discord bot and the Laravel backend, I used Redis, an in-memory data structure store. Redis is a popular choice for its high performance, flexibility, and support for various data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, and more.

Using Redis as a message broker, I was able to create a bridge between the Python and PHP components of the application. This integration allowed the Python code to publish events and data to Redis, which the Laravel application could then subscribe to and process. This approach effectively decoupled the two components, making the system more scalable and resilient.

To implement Redis in the Discord bot, I utilized the 'redis' package for Python. This package provided a simple and efficient way to interact with Redis instances, allowing the bot to publish messages and data with minimal overhead.

On the Laravel side, I took advantage of Laravel's built-in support for Redis, which is included as one of the default caching and session drivers. By configuring the Laravel application to use Redis as the cache and session driver, I was able to subscribe to Redis channels and process messages from the Python component seamlessly.

This Redis-based solution not only enabled interoperability between the Python and Laravel components but also contributed to the overall event-driven architecture of the application. By leveraging Redis, the system could handle events and data asynchronously, improving performance and ensuring a responsive user experience.


Building a secure file-sharing Discord bot using event-driven architecture, Laravel, and Vue.js was a rewarding experience. The combination of, Laravel, Vue.js, and Inertia.js provided a powerful and flexible tech stack that enabled efficient development of a secure and functional web application. The resulting Discord bot offers users a reliable and safe platform for sharing large files, while the event-driven architecture ensures a scalable and resilient system.